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Female Swimmers
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Meet Whitney Anderson

At the young age of 10, Whitney learned the importance of water safety with a water rescue of her younger sister with autism. She has since devoted the past 20 years to aquatic safety and training. Whitney started her professional career at the Fond Du Lac Family YMCA as the Aquatics Director with a heavy focus on strategic planning and training. Her career continued to expand and brought her down south where she led the association Aquatics director team at the YMCA of Western North Carolina. She later took on the oversight of operations for the association in Health and Safety certifications and management. 

Her YMCA career continued with bringing her to Raleigh, NC with the YMCA of the Triangle association, where she continued her passion of aquatic programs and safety education. Prior to branching out into Anderson Aquatic Solutions, Whitney was the director of operations of Coastal Carolina Supply. She led her team in staff development, lifeguard education and training, project management and water chemistry. 

Whitney firmly believes that swimming pools are where anyone and everyone can come to have fun, grow, develop and just enjoy life. It doesn’t matter if they are young, old, fit, out of shape, diverse abilities or able bodied. The water should be a safe place for all to enjoy safely. She has made it her life’s work to ensure that swimming pools are safe through education and trainings. 
“Safe Water for All”

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